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First, make sure you have everything you need to be able to manage your Modul8 software remotely from your iOS device.

⁃ Having the Modul8 program installed with an active purchasing license, you can find the software at this address:


The cost is around € 300 and gives you two independent licenses.

⁃ Buy the app for iPad or iPhone, TouchOSC, the cost is 5.49 € and you can find it at this address


⁃ Download this address, a very useful Tool to automatically connect the MacBook to Mac and iPad or iPhone. The Tool is TouchOSC Bridge and you can find it at this address.


       ⁃ Download at this address, Tool is TouchOSC Editor, which will allow you to load our midi Modul8 keyboard


⁃ Ensure, at least for the first set-up, that you have a wifi connection on which to connect independently, the MacBook or Mac, iPad or iPhone.


Modul8 is a program that works as a module, so to fully manage the functionality, it provides the online modules created by users or released by the company, to expand the capabilities of the program itself and to use it fully our tool, will have to add some expansion modules.

from the modules section

chooce online library

in the dialog that appears as "public library", we look like the first "epilectic strobo" tool

Once you have found and selected the tool you will need to install it by pressing the install button

the procedure will be successful if the module you have installed will appear in the box and you will see it in the program

Remember that immediately after downloading and installing a module, it must be activated on the activation key

the next module we need is (lpn) pan, which will allow us to move our videos or photos into projection space without having to use the midi or midi physical keyboard, this form is very important if you are going to prepare a live shows and move real-time clips in space, without having to return to the venue

then we enter in the search: (lpn) pany to handle the vertical movement, once found, let us enter it with the same procedure.

(lpn) panx form manage horizontal movement

remember to activate the downloaded modules and, in the case of (lpn), you must also activate the pan mode on

Once the modules are downloaded, the final result of your module8 should be more or less the same

the next step in preparing Modul8, is to import and install the midi map inherent in our tool, that is, the exact selection of midi corresponding to the TouchOSC buttons.

you can download the midi map for module8 at the following link


to install the midi map just select Module8 mapping, midi mapping and end import midi map

select the file you just downloaded, title: Modul8_TouchOSC.m8mmap and install it

to verify the correct installation of the midi map just press the midi map edit command in the upper text box, or alternatively, press cmnd + up arrow + M.

the program will color controls box in green, if within these you will find numbers then midi map setup will be done correctly as each number refers to a button of the midi controller of TuchOSC


Once you have prepared module8 and all the components for optimum management we have to focus on installing our tools on TouchOSC, so first connect the mac and the iPad or the iPhone to the same WIFI network


TouchOSC can remotely manage Modul8 by using a shared wifi network or even through a network created by our mac.


install the files previously downloaded from the hexler site, that is, the bridge and the TouchOSC editor, file installation is fast because they are not large in size.

Now you have to download our "Modul8" Tool for TouchOSC.


- Download the Tool at the following address

iPhone  : https://www.dropbox.com/s/3jeep1csn237ymn/Modul8-iPhone.touchosc?dl=0


iPad  : https://www.dropbox.com/s/3fferox19lq2s38/Modul8_iPad.touchosc?dl=0

After downloading the tool for the desired device, we launch the TouchOSC Bridge and check with the icon that TouchOSC Bridge is active and running

now open TouchOSC Editor and import the modul8 midi tool

choose tool, iPhone o iPad, that we have to upload

then we start synchronizing with the tool, being sure to be connected to the same wifi network and having activated TouchOSC Bridge

from your device now, connected to the same wifi network, launch the TouchOSC app

select "layout" for enter in your tools

press "add"

if the procedure is followed it will appear in "found hosts" your selected mac and let it automatically download the tool

in your layout list you will find the modul8_iphone or modul8_ipad tool based on what you downloaded, then select it

TouchOSC will bring you back to the home screen but with the desired layout selection, press "done" and start using the midi wireless controller for Modul8

the Modul8 tool, has 2 pages for the iPad version and 5 in the iPhone version have both the same future that we would find out


The first page is dedicated to the general management of the software and the use of the global commands of the entire module, is a manipulation of the general projection board

to help the user, while simplifying the function, we have kept the same Modul8 titration and we have simply reordered the same commands inside the software.

"off-120-time" commands are dedicated to group change automation, which can be achieved by activating the two modules that are pre-installed: BPM Global and Bpm Router, are a major component, and if you want to manage , it is necessary to activate not only the modules but also the scaling or the fadering of the two groups, so as to get a movement automation between the groups.

the "alpha channel" commands are attached to the master, and then lowering that fader we will use a black out of the entire projection surface.

the main colors "RED - GREEN - BLUE" are attached to the alpha global management of the three main colors

"global speed" and "global scale" are instead attached to the speed and size of the overall projection frame, and the "trace" and "sound level" faders are hooked to the overall management of tracking and in and out of the audio of clips.

The "Flash" key is hooked to the main control of the three main RGB colors and it is advised not to press it together with the color keys to prevent a block of one of the colors

the "Strobe" and "Frequenzy" key is hooked to the previously downloaded module, of "epilectic strobo", which allows us to generate an automatic strobe and gives us the chance to decide on it

the frequency.


the second page is dedicated to selecting the clips.

if you intend to use this tool without wanting to approach the mac during the whole event, be sure to load the clips or logos at first, you have to print the sequence of the clips so they always keep track of it. the full squares are the exact projection of the "media set", video content module, your library, so to speak, this in the image below

by using lateral faders, you can choose which group and which of the five video boxes to hook the movie or photo

for example, if we want to choose to add a video to the fourth

box of the second block of the group, we will just have to select it

1 the group you want to change

2 the block in which to change the box video

3 the dummy you want to change

Once you have selected the box, just select the video from the "media set" and press the corresponding box, the video will be loaded where we decided

 with this method, just by moving the box fader, we would select it as if we were pressing it with the mouse, and this applies to all box sorters in the pages so we can handle the clips individually at any time.

the node next to the box, as well as to track it, also serves to enable or disable the box.


he third page is devoted to box selection, is a larger version of the selector we talked about, has been centered so that you can select the boxes that you want to manage more quickly, is actually a repetition of all the sorters that we've been on the next page, but having tested it for more than three months, we thought it would be useful to put it in the middle of the pages to make life easier for those who like us often face vj set live, following music and feelings


perhaps the most significant part of the whole tool is this, along with the first page, in fact, the fourth page is dedicated to handling individual clips.

through the selector we can decide which clips to handle.

of the clip we can handle the color the global scale and the ace axis, as with the rotation, with the side knobs and the speed, the "reset" keys bring to the speed and base scale of the clip.

some effects have been added to help manage video clips

effect "autocolor" with white management, to give intermittence to the clip

and "autoscale" effect with total management to move the clip


the fifth and final page is dedicated to the positioning of the clip, using the two previously downloaded modules, ie (lpn) pan x and (lpn) pan y.

by activating the modules we can, by using the faders, move the desired clip, select it from the left with the selector we have already encountered in previous pages.

horizontal motion is given by "pan mode on _ x", while the vertical one from "pan mode on _ y"

we are confident that this tool can help who, by necessity or utility, want to manage Modul8 from a wireless midi controller, we have tested it and we have restored it and we are confident that this tool for TouchOSC is really useful and functional. Of course, we invite you to give us feedback and write any kind of problem, we would be happy to help you solve it and why not improve a tool that can really simplify the job.

in thanking you we report it to our social links

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